Ab Coaster Reviews

June 16, 2011

Ab Coaster Reviews

Ab Coaster Reviews: What's Special About the Ab Coaster


You can run on the treadmill as much or do a thousand sit-ups, but chances are you will still not get sleek, six-pack abs.  If you are searching for a tightened tummy or a ripped midsection, the Ab Coaster is the perfect addition to your workout regime.  My clients have given such positive Ab Coaster reviews after reaching their goals and obtaining their desired dream body.  When you have done all you can and those six-pack abs seem completely unattainable, try the Ab Coaster.  It is the answer to your prayers. Ab Coaster Reviews

How Does the Ab Coaster Work?

While cardio can help you to lose weight and burn fat, you will never be able to sculpt a toned six-pack without directly targeting your abdominals.   The Ab Coaster Abdominal Trainer is a unique machine that allows you to target and firm these muscles for optimal results.  With a few small adjustments, you can also tweak the motion of the Ab Coaster to target your sides and obliques.  You will also have the option to add additional weights and increase the resistance as you gain more strength. 

Most people do crunches to engage their core, working from the top down.  However, it is more effective to work your abs from the bottom up.  The Ab Coaster has a rare engineering that allows you to engage your core in a bottom-up motion, similar to that of a leg raise.  To begin, you place your knees and your arms on the comfortable, foam-cushioned pads.  As you grip the arm handles, you will swing your lower body up and down.  This motion will engage your core muscles as you pull your body up using your core strength alone.  

The Ab Coaster Results and What the Ab Coaster Reviews are Saying

The Ab Coaster is extremely effective because it directly stimulates your core muscles while preventing strain and injury to your neck and back.  Sit-ups are limited in the results they achieve, especially because they often lead to injury that can hinder your exercise regime.  The Ab Coaster moves in an arc as you raise your knees to your chest.  This allows you to get the same outcome as a leg raise, but without the added pressure on your back and the strain on your upper body.

Clients have given positive Ab Coaster reviews, praising the fact that it is more comfortable for their bodies.   They are ecstatic when they begin to feel their muscles getting firm and toned.  People have lauded the sleek, compact design of the Ab Coaster, which allows them to exercise at home when it is most convenient.

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Watch this video for Ab Coaster reviews from a professional personal trainer and a certified Ab Coaster user.

Where To Buy The Ab Coaster?

Now that you have read the positive Ab Coaster reviews, you may be wondering where to buy this amazing piece of equipment. To get the Ab Coaster best price, buy your Ab Coaster machine from the Ab Coaster's official website.  You can choose to pay in 1 easy payment of $249.95 or 5 manageable payments of $49.99.  This may seem like an investment, but the results are worth it.  If you are not convinced, take it from all the happy customers that call in and write Ab Coaster reviews.  They have seen great results and want you to experience these amazing results, too.

Ab Coaster Reviews

Included in the online Ab Coaster cost is the Ab Coaster machine, the Ab Coaster Exercise Plan and the Fast Track Meal Plan book.  No fitness regime is complete without a well thought-out plan and commitment to a proper diet.  Additionally, you will receieve a guide to the Ab Coaster System, a 14-Day Express Program book, and a Complete Workout System DVD.  Lastly, since a proper diet is crucial for amazing results, they will also throw in a 14-day trial supply of a dietary supplement called Metabolize.  Valued at $20.00, you will get this absolutely free. 

Who Should Use this Product?

This machine is meant to help sculpt and tone your abdominal muscles.  Anyone that has room in their home to house this sturdy, durable machine should seriously consider it.  The Ab Coaster is made of sturdy steel that would make an excellent addition to any home gym.  Its compact design allows you to store it easily in any room.

The Ab Coaster is a great machine for nearly anyone.  It can hold up to 350 pounds, so people that are looking to lose weight will be able to safely utilize the machine.   If normal cardio exercises are not enough to give you sleek, toned abs, try the Ab Coaster.  Many users have raved in Ab Coaster reviews that they can target their abs without straining their necks and adding pressure to their back.

A Summary of the Pros and Cons based on Ab Coaster Reviews

Countless happy customers have given positive Ab Coaster reviews:


  • Specifically target your abdominal muscles for sleek six-pack abs.
  • Get off the ground to prevent spine and neck injuries or bruising.
  • Knee and arm pads provide cushion and comfort.
  • The sleek, compact design of the Ab Coaster allows you to store it easily in any room.
  • You can easily change the Ab Coaster to target your oblique’s and lateral ab muscles.
  • Add weight plates for additional resistance as your strength increases.
  • A digital monitor keeps track of your progress and repetition.

As with any machine or device, there will always be a few negative comments.  Though these negative comments can be easily overcome, here are the cons found in some Ab Coaster reviews:


  • The knee pads may wear out, but this can be prevented with proper maintenance.
  • Some clients are afraid of the price investment, but this machine is well worth it.

Is the Ab Coaster Right for You?

As you can see from the Ab Coaster reviews, the Ab Coaster is a highly regarded piece of exercise equipment that has produced coveted results for so many customers.  If you feel as though you have tried everything and still not achieved the look you want, then look no further.  Due to its innovative engineering and design, the Ab Coaster allows you to engage your core muscles in a unique bottom-up motion.  Similar to the motion of a leg lift, the Ab Coaster strengthens your core without the added pressure and strain that usually follows. 

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