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August 17, 2013

You all know the old saying – “A picture is worth a thousand words”. A good photo can, in so many cases, say so much more than a bunch of words can. You may have read my review of the new Focus T25 workout, or maybe even read about my results, but I know a lot of people are most convinced of the effectiveness of an exercise regimen only when they see pictures of people who have actually tried it. So let’s get to it! Here’s a look at some Focus T25 before and after photos.

Check Out This Video First

I’m actually on the record, on this very site, as letting people know that I don’t exactly trust all before and after shots for workouts. We’re visual creatures, and some “fitness” companies routinely mislead people with these kind of sets. You know the ones I’m talking about- the poorly-lit before shots of a person who seems to have just woken up in a bad mood, juxtaposed next to a professional photo of a person who probably finished a workout minutes before and is happy as can be.

It’s a lot harder to lie with video, so check out this official trailer for T25 below. You’ll catch not only before and after pics, but live action as well, which is an even better indicator of the kind of results you can get.

YouTube Preview Image

They show a few different dramatic transformations, but check out the big dude who comes in at around the 50 second mark- he lost a stunning 67 pounds!

Whoa! For Real?? That’s A Big Difference!

As I’ve shown in my P90X and Insanity Before and After articles, Beachbody is a company that puts out legit workouts that actually do what they’re advertised to do. There’s no way they would have stayed on top of the fitness world for so long if they didn’t deliver, and T25 is no exception.

Check this out:

Not only did these folks lose 30 and 32 pounds, respectively, but their muscle tone is dramatically improved. If we didn’t see their faces, it would probably be safe to assume they were actually different people, that’s how much of a world of difference we’re talking about here.

And the thing is, they did this in just 50 days!!

It’s Hard To Argue With This…

I’ve had women write in, saying they’ve tried all kinds of things to get rid of the weight they gained after having kids, and have had absolutely no luck with it. “Brian,” they write, “is there anything I can do??” Check this out…

Here we have a woman who is almost 40, has had a baby (and a c-section, no less!), and she has managed to undergo this transformation with just 25 minutes a day. It’s also a great example for the folks who are worried they’re getting too old to start a program like this, or think they won’t get results as good as what the youngsters can achieve.

Anybody can point to a written review of any workout and call BS, but seriously, how can you knock the results so clearly displayed in these Focus T25 before and after photos? (For real, if you think you can, email me or leave a comment below!) If you want to see even more, the official T25 site over at Beachbody has what you’re looking for.

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