Focus T25 vs P90X – How Do They Compare?

August 17, 2013

In my last article, I compared the recently released Focus T25 program with the Insanity Workout, which was created by same fitness guru, Shaun T. Because they’re released by Beachbody, and because I’ve spoken so highly of their workouts on this site, I’ve received a number of emails asking me to compare Focus T25 vs P90X. In this article I hope to shed some light on the issue, and help you make a decision if you’re trying to decide which program to try out.

First Things First – What Are Your Goals?

The biggest factor in choosing between Focus T25 and P90X is what your own personal goals are. While the two programs share quite a bit in common, and they’ll both get you in a damn good shape in a hurry, they have slightly different end results you’ll want to consider before making a purchase.

The base kit of T25 is what I think of as a full-body tune up. It’s pretty heavy on cardio, though less so than its predecessor The Insanity Workout. It does incorporate a bit more strength training than Insanity, though, so you’re going to be building and toning those muscles more.

P90X, on the other hand, while still having a ton of cardio, is all about building muscles and making you stronger. It’s very heavy on strength training.

Wanna get ripped? Try P90X. Want to fine tune the whole machine? Focus T25, my friend.

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But Also Consider The Gamma Cycle…

There is an optional third month to T25, the “Gamma Cycle”, that focuses mainly on strength training. Since it gets you ripped in a hurry, I consider it a sort of mini-P90X. You won’t build quite as much muscle as you will with P90X, but loads more of it compared to the core T25 kit.

Are You Looking For The Best Value?

P90X and T25 have the same base price, though P90X requires a bit more equipment, which isn’t included. T25 only requires an included resistance band, and the optional Gamma Cycle even includes the heavier ones you’ll need for that phase.

If you are considering the Gamma Cycle, though, keep in mind that it costs the same as the base kit (though you can order just the DVDs and save some money if you’ve already got some gear).

Now, I want to be very clear here- I would not consider either Focus T25 vs P90X to be a better value, because it all really boils down to your own needs and goals. If you’re hard up for cash, though, and just looking to get exercising, you might want to choose the base T25 kit if you don’t already have the necessary equipment for P90X.

Both products come with money back guarantees, but if you want more time to decide, consider that T25’s guarantee runs for 30 days, while you have 90 days to make up your mind about P90X.

How Much Time You Got?

One of the selling points of T25 is definitely the short length. While the typical P90X workout runs about an hour, T25 crams as much fat-burning, muscle-toning power into 25 minutes as it can.

P90X, as the name suggests, takes 90 days to complete, while the standard T25 schedule only takes two months. If you add the optional Gamma Cycle, though, they come out about even.

Either option will have you sweat 6 days a week, though with T25 you have the option of skipping the 6th day, which is “only” a stretching workout.

If your life is so hectic that time constraints are your main concern, choose T25.

What’s Your Fitness Level?

Most of the emails I get on this subject want to know which one is “easier,” especially for folks who haven’t really exercised in years. Honestly, they’re both pretty demanding, however Beachbody wouldn’t be so huge if they were catering only to the super fit among us.

Either option is customizable to meet you in the middle, and you can certainly start relatively slowly if you have to. There are also alternate exercises if you need to work your way up to the ones Shaun T and Tony Horton are doing.

No matter what your fitness level, both Focus T25 and P90X can meet your needs!

So, Really, Which Is Better?

It’s like they say, different strokes for different folks. The main thing to consider is what your goals are- T25 for overall good health, P90X to get freakin’ ripped! If your main concern is time or money, T25 is also probably what you’re looking for, but I highly advise everyone to consider their goals above all else.

If you’re still having trouble deciding, you can read about my own results with both Focus T25 vs P90X. For the official word on either or to try one out for yourself, head on over to Beachbody’s official site.

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