What Kind Of Focus T25 Results To Expect

August 17, 2013

Twenty five minutes isn’t a lot of time. Yeah, it’s enough to maybe watch a TV show (as long as you skip the intro and credits), or maybe cook a meal. Twenty five minutes of exercise can never be a bad thing, but it’s a bit silly to expect to lose all that much weight or really shape up to superhero levels in such a short period of time. Or is it? The new program from Beachbody claims to do exactly that, in just that amount of time. So, for real, what kind of Focus T25 results can a person reasonably expect?

Hold Up, What’s Focus T25?

Focus T25 is a brand spanking new workout program from Shaun T, the frickin’ genius who brought us the Insanity Workout, which I’ve written about extensively on this site. It’s no secret at this point that Insanity just works, but there aren’t a ton of Focus T25 success stories out there yet because it’s so new.

In a nutshell, it’s a program that demands of you a mere 25 minutes a day, for 6 days a week (it’s advertised as only requiring 5 days, but that’s if you skip or don’t count the day of stretching). Shaun T promises to pack an hour’s worth of exercise, and the benefits of that hour, into that tiny span of time. Supposedly, you can tone up, improve your stamina, and burn quite a bit of fat in the time it takes you to watch a sitcom.

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Sounds Good… Maybe A Little TOO Good…

I’m with you if your initial thought is simply, “There’s just no way!” If it wasn’t put out by a company with such a solid track record (they also do the wildly popular P90X in addition to Insanity), I probably would have blown it off as another gimmicky product that doesn’t deliver.

The fact is, though, T25 actually works. The core of the program lasts just two months, but I was feeling it working almost immediately, through the tightening and firming, not to mention soreness, of my muscles.

When I was done with the core program, I had lost 16 pounds!

Three inches off your waistline is just 2 months is a pretty damn big deal, but that’s exactly what I managed to take off.

And it didn’t just take weight off, either. My muscles were visibly much more toned and defined, and rock hard to boot! My cardio health improved pretty dramatically, and every day I notice how much energy I have now (it’s a lot!) These are my Focus T25 real results, and I think anyone with the drive to complete the program can expect similar ones.

And Then I Went The Extra Mile…

There’s a third, optional month, called the Gamma Cycle, that focuses on getting you ripped and building your strength. While the first month (Alpha Cycle) is intense, and the second month (Beta Cycle) even more so, the Gamma Cycle has you doing so many reps of various resistance moves you’ll think your body is ready to give out on you… until it shows you exactly how much it has improved you!

The Gamma phase uses relatively light weights or resistance bands, so I was more than a little surprised at how it made my muscles grow! My biceps and triceps are not only more visibly defined, but I have to have gained at least an inch or two on these guns! (And you should see my abs! OMG!!!)

Shaun T discourages the comparison, but I still think of the Alpha and Beta Cycles of T25 as a sort of quick Insanity Workout because they help you lose weight and shape up in a hurry. After I finished Gamma, I felt like that phase was sort of like a mini-run of P90X because of striking effect it had on my muscle tone and strength.

(I compare the different programs in more detail in separate articles. Click here to read how it compares to P90X, and here to see how it stands up against Insanity.)

How To Make It Work For You

There is a nutrition guide that comes with T25, but I don’t think you really need to follow it precisely to get the results you’re after. If you’re not used to eating healthy, though, it will definitely give you some good pointers that will help you get on the right track.

The most important thing, though, IMHO, is to be ready to really push yourself. Because the workouts are so short, you have to give it everything you’ve got if you really want the results of a regular hour-long workout in 25 minutes.

If you have the drive to do it, though, the Focus T25 results you can achieve with just those 25 minutes a day may well surprise you. A healthier, better looking you is much closer than you realize! For more info, read my full review here, or check the official site to see how you can try it for yourself!

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