Where’s The Best Place To Buy Focus T25?

August 17, 2013

The word is starting to get out about T25, the new workout from the madman behind the Insanity Workout. In just two months, with just 25 minutes a day of focused exercise (hence the name), five or six days a week, you can seriously overhaul your body- improving your strength, stamina and muscle tone, not to mention shedding pounds like crazy! My own results with it speak volumes, so I’ve had some readers write in, asking about the best place to actually buy Focus T25.

It’s Simple – Get It From Beachbody!

I can’t say it simpler words- if you want to try Focus T25, get it from the source! Beachbody not only has the best deal on the program, they also offer it with a FULL 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! You’re simply not going to get that anywhere else!

There was a review on Amazon written by somebody who didn’t get the full product, and that’s something else you don’t have to worry about if you get it from Beachbody.

Also, I may be jumping the gun a little, because I haven’t actually seen it happen yet (maybe because it’s so new), but…

Buying the product from the company also ensures you not only get the complete product, but you get the real product! 

In the past, people have been duped by counterfeit copies of earlier Beachbody products, like P90X, on sites like eBay or Amazon Marketplace.

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How Much Does Focus T25 Cost?

The regular Focus T25 price that you’ll get from the official Beachbody site is 3 payments of $39.95. This includes the workout DVDs, schedule calendars, Get It Done Nutrition Guide, Quick Start Guide and Five Day Fast Track, as well as a 15 pound resistance band. All in all a pretty good deal, especially when you consider the fact that you can get absolutely all of your money back if you decide in the first month that it isn’t for you.


For another 60 bucks, you can opt to get the “Challenge Pack”, which includes a 30-day trial to Team Beachbody, which will help give you plenty of support while you do the program. More importantly, though, IMHO, you also get $130 worth of Shakeology, which is Beachbody’s nutritional shake. I don’t feel it’s fair to call it a protein shake, energy shake, or anything so easily categorized, but I’m a fan and have written about its benefits on the site before.

If You Want To Take It To The Next Level…

In my T25 review, I talk about the optional Gamma Cycle of the program, designed to build and strengthen muscles in a hurry. There are actually two different ways to buy it.

The full Gamma Cycle package has the same base Focus T25 cost- 3 payments of $39.95. It seems like a lot, considering it’s 3 workouts versus the 10 of the core workout. However, as a bonus you also get a workout mat and two heavier duty resistance bands than come with the regular package (they’re 20 and 25 pounds).

If you’re like me, though, and have no shortage of things like resistance bands and exercise mats, you can buy just the Gamma Cycle workout DVDs for $59.85.

So, there you have it folks, if you want the best deal, the full product AND the full money-back guarantee, it’s as simple as heading on over to the official T25 website. 😀

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